Drive with a smile!

Smile Autokool is a young driving school that prepares drivers for obtaining a category «B» driving license.

Why choose us?

Thousands of graduates

More than 200 students a year complete their driving training with our instructors.

Experienced instructors

Our instructors are experienced, friendly and highly qualified specialists.

Modern cars

We only use high-quality and well-equipped cars.

Individual approach

Every student is important to us, and we believe it is important to maintain inner motivation.

Flexible learning system

Thanks to the flexible system of learning, students plan their own timetable.

Reasonable and affordable prices

Our goal is to offer the widest and most accessible range of driving courses.

Trainings and courses

Category B initial stage course

We offer theoretical education only through the convenient and intuitively understandable platform Liikluslab. Now you can learn the material at your own pace, suitable for you anytime and anywhere.

As for driving lessons, we offer individual classes that take place at the time and place determined by you and your instructor. Our driving lessons will help you become a confident driver and acquire the necessary skills for safe and comfortable driving.

Courses and trainings
E-theory course

E-courses give you a chance to plan your time and fit your lessons in between work, exercising and other everyday activities.

Learn at your own pace.
Driving lessons

It is required to complete at least 28 driving lessons throughout the learning period. You can start attending them even while you’re still taking theory classes.

1 lesson = 45 min
School exams

The theory exam can be taken without leaving home. After 28 driving lessons, you can take a school exam to obtain a driving certificate.

Slippery driving

Slippery driving for category B initial stage is an additional course in the curriculum if you want to receive the right to drive.

First aid training

The first aid course provides knowledge and skills on how to operate in an emergency situation.

Nighttime driving

Night-time driving for category B initial stage is an additional course in the curriculum if you want to receive the right to drive.

Lasts up to 45 min
Final stage

To receive the proper driving licence, you have to pass the final stage of the training within 24 months after acquiring the provisional driving license.

Lasts up to 4 hours


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Smile Autokool
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